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Firefox 7 is out. It uses WAY less memory and has a new desing

Today Mozilla is releasing Firefox 7. This update contains work that has been stabilizing over the last 3 months and there are quite a few interesting things to talk about. To be clear, this is not the canonical list of changes, just highlights. For the full list please see the Firefox 7 for developers page….

September 27th, 2011
Firefox 8 is 20% Faster Than Firefox 5 and matches Chrome 14

In Extreme Tech are reporting that the Nightly version of Firefox 8 is already 20% faster than Firefox 5 in almost every metric (start up, session restore, first paint, JavaScript execution, and even 2D canvas and 3D WebGL rendering). The memory footprint of Firefox 7 (and thus 8) has also been drastically reduced, along with…

July 11th, 2011
Opera Mini 6 for iPhone and iPad

Opera Mini 6 is now finally available for iPhone and iPad. Download from the App Store or It has a lot of innovations like History, Multiple Tabs, Address Field + Search, Multitask, Auto-Fill for URLs, Speed Dial, etc. But it lacks of HTML5 and of course flashplayer (Apple doesn’t support it). The song is:…

May 24th, 2011
Browsers, Software
Firefox 4 bug: Why the status bar keeps switching sides from left to right

Have you noticed that Firefox 4’s new status bar alternately appears on the left or right side of the screen? Here’s why. In Firefox 4, you may have noticed that the status bar (which used to be at the bottom of the browser) is hidden: a small status bar now appears in the lower-left corner…

April 7th, 2011
How browsers are made: Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

Opera: “Hey, let’s make an awesome, pioneering browser so all our features can get stolen and no user will ever touch it.”

March 30th, 2011
Browsers, Comics
Video of Firefox 4 Mobile

Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo is now available as a release candidate in more than 10 languages from the Android Market and for download on your Maemo device. See what’s new in this release! Left sidebar with special tabs that shows a mini screenshot of each page. and the new Synchronization function makes Firefox…

March 22nd, 2011
Opera Browser for Android Tablets

Opera Software is optimizing a version of their Opera Browser for Android Tablets, thus providing some higher resolution user interface features.

February 2nd, 2011
Browsers, Technology
Mozilla releases the Firefox 4 T-shirt Design Contest

Mozilla launches a challenge to create a unique design that captures the essence of Firefox 4. The winning design will be printed as the official Firefox 4 launch t-shirt, a limited edition item featured in the Mozilla store and distributed to thousands of fans and contributors around the world. Every designer must keep in mind…

January 13th, 2011
Browsers, Design
Speed Of Google Chrome With Dominos

Google Japan took an interesting approach to show the speed of their browser …with dominos. There’s nothing quite like the domino effect. Conclusion … Google Japan offices have fast internet connection!

January 6th, 2011
Infograph: If Web Browsers Were Celebrities

Web browsers have become our new celebrities, we love or hate them, but we mostly use them everyday to check emails, write tweets, read news, watch funny videos or upload photos to Facebook. The following infograph compares them with celebrities… so funny. Which one is your favorite?

December 4th, 2010
Firefox 4 Date Schedule

From Beta to Release Candidate 1, the schedule for Firefox 4 is: Milestone Expected Actual Notes Branch In time for b5 Stabilize mozilla-central and create a mozilla-2.0 branch for Firefox 4 Ship Beta r1 Thursday, June 24 July 6 (+12 days) Ship first revision of beta Ship Beta r2 Friday, July 23 Tuesday, July 27…

October 30th, 2010
Review: Internet Explorer 9 Beta

The beta for Internet Explorer 9 was officially released by Microsoft yesterday morning during a press conference. This streamlined version has a better user experience and is far faster than any previous iteration of the application. With this release, Microsoft is asking us to: unlock the beauty of the web… LOL It is supposed that…

September 16th, 2010
Browsers, Internet, Software
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