Guardians of the Galaxy poster looks like Tommy Hilfiger models

Date: February / 22 / 2014 + Comments: 0

The first poster for Guardians of the Galaxy is out, and it shows a new concept design very different than previous Marvel Studios films. There are no villians, explosions, dangers in the background as in Iron Man 3, thor 2 and Captain America 2 posters. We can see the group, relaxed, with the ship parked in the background, as if they are doing camping in somewhere rocky or just road-tripping in the Universe.

The ship’s gate is opened, with lights inside inviting us to go for an adventure, but personally the posing of the characters make me remeber Tommy Hilfiger posters, of young guys standing around a car or a tend, even Rocket Raccoon can be a child or a dog, look the similarities:

Original poster:

Guardians of the Galaxy poster

Tommy Hilfiger 1:

GOTG vs Tommy Hilfiger poster

Tommy Hilfiger 2:

GOTG vs Tommy Hilfiger poster 2

Tommy Hilfiger 3:

GOTG vs Tommy Hilfiger poster 3

The similarities:
GOTG vs Tommy Hilfiger models

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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