Super 8 Mega-Spoiler: No monster at all

Date: February / 07 / 2011 + Comments: 16

From IMDB Forum: No monster at all… a user claims that his father is a set designer currently working on Super 8, and that he told him the real plot, with no monsters/aliens/huge lions.

He said:

:!: Warning: Possible Spoilers

This movie is about a scientific research gone wrong. 8 college students sign up for experimental research. The research changes their DNA allowing them to accumulate powers like mind control, strength, pyrokenisis, telepathic abilities and so on. The military finds out about the experimental program and pays a large sum of money to the scientist for the rights to continue the research and weaponize them. The scientist had stopped the research because they knew what it could be used for. But money corrupted them. The only way to contain the students who’s powers were still increasing from the experiments was to cool their bodies to a point low enough to keep them alive but to stop brain function. They sent them by train because it would be a fast way of travel while insuring that they would be contained. Unfortunately something went wrong with the train and it crashed. The freezer they were in stopped functioning allowing them to escape…They hide out and attempt to learn how to control their powers. What they don’t yet know is that the military has created super soldiers from the same research they purchased. Their mission is to hunt down the college students codenamed as “Super 8” and kill them before the experiment goes public.

Super 8 tren


This resulted to be a fake spoiler, Super 8 has a monster, here are the video and photos:

Photo and Video of Super 8 Monster

Update 2:

The Monster’s name is Aqua and has 8 limbs

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  1. Pete Mitchell says:

    So this guy who says his dad was a set designer is full of crap. Here is the link to the real spoiler. Don’t go to unless you want some serious spoiler action.

  2. Joey W. says:

    you sure you didn’t get the X-Men First Class script by accident instead?

  3. Emenji says:

    @ Pete Mitchell

    I suggest you keep your mouth shut about the part with him being full of crap. What you posted is hardly a spoiler at all considering it’s pretty much all from the trailer. The post here seems very legit and believable. You have no proof that he is full of crap so just shutip please.

  4. Jizz says:

    Uh, he is full of crap. The train contained an “alien”
    being transported from Area 51 to another military
    installation during the 70’s. Train derails, it escapes,
    spreads terror. Nothing to do with that BS about
    college kids. Ridiculous. My wife is a makeup artist.
    She hears alot of juicy stuff.

  5. Andy says:

    I think the title “Super 8” came from the film format the kids are using in the film. So, I’m leaning towards not believing this one.

  6. Bea Mused says:

    To the person who wrote the spoiler…. LEARN TO SPELL!!! It’s THEY’RE not THERE!!!

  7. James says:

    @Bea Mused

    Yay!!! A spelling nazi troll!!!

  8. TopicDepot says:

    If I knew someone in the movie industry and knew a spoiler I would simply just say it and not who told you because that could put their careers at risk, they are serious about keeping these type of movies under wraps

  9. spoiler says:

    not true, i saw a screening of the movie none of this is true

  10. Jizz says:

    Then enlighten us, Spoiler…..give
    us the deets, Mr. I saw a screening..
    some people keep writing after a statement like that.

  11. annamorphos says:

    The person who said there’s no monster is full of crap. On the same website, IMDB, they have a full plot summary of the movie.

    In this synopsis it says that there is a monster/creature and you do see them. The person who said there isn’t is probably just a troll.

  12. Gambit says:

    I saw the movie, there most certainly IS a monster (big one too).. No kids that were experimented on… Whoever said this was the plot is full of crap.

  13. super8isCrap says:

    Dont bother watching this movie, a waste of money and a waste of time. Just pure crap!!!

  14. b says:

    yeah, that guy was full of shit. i saw the movie, and its like an alien creature.

  15. Mr. M says:

    Ah. Too bad. Sounds like a decent idea or another movie. With all these awesome action movies coming out now adays I’d say that the fake plot here would do well for an actual plot for a different movie.

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