Firefox 4 Date Schedule

Date: October / 30 / 2010 + Comments: 0

From Beta to Release Candidate 1, the schedule for Firefox 4 is:

Milestone Expected

Actual Notes
Branch In time for b5 Stabilize mozilla-central and create a mozilla-2.0 branch for Firefox 4
Ship Beta r1

Thursday, June 24 July 6 (+12 days) Ship first revision of beta
Ship Beta r2 Friday, July 23 Tuesday, July 27 (+4 days)

Ship second revision of beta
Ship Beta r3 Friday, August 6 Wednesday, August 11 (+5 days) Ship third revision of beta
Ship Beta r4

Friday, August 20 Tuesday, August 24 (+4 days) Ship fourth revision of beta, offer as major upgrade to branch beta channel users
Ship Beta r5 Friday, Sept 3 Tuesday, September 7 (+4 days)

Ship fifth revision of beta. (Feature and string freeze was moved to beta 7.)
Ship Beta r6 n/a Tuesday, September 14 Extra beta inserted. Only included 2 fixes for regressions.
Ship Beta r7 Friday, Sept 17

early November This will be the feature/string/API freeze milestone
API & Feature Freeze b7 code freeze Finalize all interfaces, no more API changes on mozilla 2.0, no new feature work
String Freeze b7 code freeze Finalize all string work, no semantic changes to strings
Ship Beta r8 Friday, Nov 12 Ship eighth revision of beta.

Ship Beta r9 Friday, Nov 26 Ship ninth revision of beta
Ship Beta r10 Friday, Dec 10 Ship tenth revision of beta

Ship RC early 2011 Complete work on all blocking2.0:final+ bugs, generate release candidates


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