Review: Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Date: September / 16 / 2010 + Comments: 1

The beta for Internet Explorer 9 was officially released by Microsoft yesterday morning during a press conference. This streamlined version has a better user experience and is far faster than any previous iteration of the application. With this release, Microsoft is asking us to: unlock the beauty of the web… LOL

It is supposed that HTML5 and CSS3 are supported but some users are already complaining that not all the CSS3 features are supported, what a shame.

The new tab with web thumbnails is a direct cheap copy of Google Chrome.

(n) But the biggest FAIL with Internet Explorer 9 Beta, is that it is only available for Windows 7 or Vista and not for Windows XP. The reason is that Internet Explorer 9’s GPU-powered graphics take advantage of new technologies available only in Windows 7 and back-ported only to Windows Vista. These technologies depend on advancements in the display driver model introduced first in Windows Vista.

Will Internet Explorer 9 Beta install side by side with earlier versions of Internet Explorer 8?
Internet Explorer 9 Beta replaces Internet Explorer 8, but you can uninstall the Beta if you need to revert back to Internet Explorer 8.

:download: You can download IE9 here:

ACID 3 TEST: 95/100

Acid 3 Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Run the Acid3 test in your default browser.

(y) You can also run the CSS3 Selectors Test.

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. Bob says:

    Yeah, but you probably didn’t say anything when Chrome obviously stole that from Opera’s Speed Dial

    I thought adding features like this that improve a browser is supposed to be a good thing, but of course, since you’ve been conditioned to hate anything with the words “Internet Explorer” in its name, you have to hash this little thing together as your natural reaction.

    Also, in case you didn’t know, CSS 3 is still in development, so you can’t expect all browsers to support all of it yet. And, no, little tidbits starting with -webkit ARE NOT CSS 3.

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