Mozilla releases the Firefox 4 T-shirt Design Contest

Date: January / 13 / 2011 + Comments: 0

FireFox 4 logo t-shirt

Mozilla launches a challenge to create a unique design that captures the essence of Firefox 4. The winning design will be printed as the official Firefox 4 launch t-shirt, a limited edition item featured in the Mozilla store and distributed to thousands of fans and contributors around the world.

Every designer must keep in mind that:

  • Firefox 4 has a fresh new look, it is fun, fast and a complete new experience.
  • Firefox is about people and its global community.
  • Mozilla wants a creative, abstract and interesting design.
  • It’s not a requirement to use the Firefox logo in the designs.
  • Ideal printing space is roughly a 10×10 inch square canvas on the front of the shirt.
  • You’ll be designing for the front only, as the back will already have the Firefox wordmark printed.

Official Page for the Contest:

The Winner: When the submission period ends on 03/13/2011, an internal team at Mozilla will select the top 5 design submissions. The top 5 will then be opened for a public vote to chose a winner design.

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