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Cut the Birds: iPhone game that ripoffs Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja

This Free iPhone game has appeared in the top Free Apps from the App Store. Clearly Cut the Birds is a mix of Angry Birds with Fruit Ninja. The developers responsible for this could receive a lawsuit since they are using the Angry Birds characters inside the game, and even the game icon looks like…

October 30th, 2011
Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots iPhone/iPad Gameplay (Bandito Mode)

This game is already released in New Zealand (iTunes). Worldwide later tonight. ($0.99 iPhone / $1.99 iPad) Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots features the all-new Bandito mode. Slice through a series of increasingly exciting challenges. Each stage thrusts you into never-seen-before fruit frenzy adventure: Massive fruit from the Giant’s castle, precision and timing challenges, all-out…

October 19th, 2011
Ninja Cat catches a flying bat jumping in the middle of the air

Ninja Cat: 1 Bat: 0 This must be the Ozzy Osbourne’s cat.

February 20th, 2011
Kumotek KT-X (Vstone Robovie) robot

The Vstone Robovie, also known as Kumotek KT-X is sold for $1,500 and provides for some pretty impressive programmable moves, specially dancing and ninja moves. It is bluetooth controlled. The robot comes with an easy to use (so they say) programming interface for inventing new moves, triggering more sounds and doing more fun things with…

January 24th, 2011
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Best Free Games for the iPhone (January 2011)

The free games are: (in order of appearance) Broken Sword: Director’s Cut – link in iTunes Ninjatown: Trees Of Doom! – link in iTunes (They just changed Free to $1.99) Juggle! – link in iTunes Fly! Ostrich – 20 mission – link in iTunes Minim – link in iTunes Twilight Golf – link in iTunes…

January 4th, 2011
Having fun in Chatroulette

Since I don’t have a webcam (don’t ask why) but I do like the Chatroulette experience, I am using a virtual webcam, and sometimes I transmit a video of some celebrities… here are some reactions. Chatroulette: Jessica Alba While simulating being Jessica Alba, I met with a ninja and some guys that were very happy…

April 4th, 2010
20 Funny Images from Chatroulette Screenshots

Chatroulette, a random person waits to see your webcam, but with this concept you can meet very weird people from around the world. Here 20 Funny Encounters of the Third Kind: I’m a cat Nice Hat I will draw you there is a spider on your wall ! Big eyes. Show me this face A…

February 22nd, 2010
How to cut an Apple in 2 parts with one finger

This is how ninjas eat their fruits.

February 21st, 2010
Viral Videos
Animated short: Les Dangereux

A vacationing ninja boy finds true love in Paris, but the ninja girl is not so easy to get. Story and Animation by: Daniel Klug. Done with Maya 2009, MentalRay, and AfterEffects.

February 19th, 2010
Another Ninja Cat

This is a new video of a fast ninja cat, they for sure want to dominate our planet. Lets remember the cat that almost killed his owner.

February 7th, 2010
Ninjas Unboxing Google’s Nexus One Phone

This a Stop Motion animation showing 3 ninjas (toys) unboxing the mighty Nexus One. The headphones used as Nunchakus are 100% geektastic. I liked the music and the ninja’s voices. When it comes to “unboxing”, ninjas know how to handle things… Animation by: Patrick Boivin and his ninjas. Google needs to contact him ASAP to…

January 18th, 2010
Animations, Toys
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