Kumotek KT-X (Vstone Robovie) robot

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The Vstone Robovie, also known as Kumotek KT-X is sold for $1,500 and provides for some pretty impressive programmable moves, specially dancing and ninja moves. It is bluetooth controlled. The robot comes with an easy to use (so they say) programming interface for inventing new moves, triggering more sounds and doing more fun things with it.

This robots also are controlled with a Playstation 2 Style Wireless Gamepad Remote.

KT-X robot models

Kumotek KT-X Vstone Robovie robot

  • The KT-X Lite is the perfect robot for first time robotics builders. This robot utilizes 13 servo motors (degrees of freedom) and offers all of the plug and play features available in the higher end KT-X models. Upgrades are not available.
  • The KT-X Superbot is the flagship humanoid robot of KumoTek Robotics. This robot boasts 17 degrees of freedom, a powerful 60MHz microcontroller and comes with a remote control (domestic customers only). Upgrades to the KT-X Gladiator model are available.
  • The KT-X Gladiator is the higher end KT-X model, boasting a whopping 19 degrees of freedom, which allows the robot to pivot, or yaw on the hip axis. The KT-X Gladiator offers the most realistic motions within the KumoTek humanoid line.
  • The KT-X Gladiator Pro is the top-of-the-line hobby/entertainment robot within the KumoTek line. The PRO series offers an amazing 19 degrees of freedom and extremely high torque servo motors. The Gladiator PRO can lift objects and even carry other robots on its back. You can find this robot currently on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

You can find more information about this robot and more robots being made by this manufacturer at kumotek.com/products/humanoid

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