Video Gameplay of Phone Story: The iPhone game banned from the App Store

Date: September / 15 / 2011 + Comments: 0

Phone Story ( is an educational game about the dark side of how your favorite smart phone gets to be produced in a far away industry. Follow your phone’s journey around the world and fight the market forces in a spiral of planned obsolescence.

Phone Story (a game by Molleindustria) was pulled from the iTunes App Store on Tuesday September 13 at 11.35am, only few hours after its official announcement.

Apple explained that the game is in violation of the following guidelines:

  • 15.2 Apps that depict violence or abuse of children will be rejected
  • 16.1 Apps that present excessively objectionable or crude content will be rejected

Molleindustria is currently considering two steps:

  • Produce a new version of Phone Story that depicts the violence and abuse of children involved in the electronic manufacturing supply chain in a non-crude and non-objectionable way.
  • Release a version for the Android market and jailbroken iOS devices.

The users who managed to buy the app before it went offline are now owners of a rare collector edition piece.

Screenshots of Phone Story

Phone Story iPhone App Store bannedPhone Story iPhone App Store gamePhone Story iPhone App Store Molleindustria

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