20 Funny Images from Chatroulette Screenshots

Date: February / 22 / 2010 + Comments: 7

Chatroulette, a random person waits to see your webcam, but with this concept you can meet very weird people from around the world.

Here 20 Funny Encounters of the Third Kind:

  1. I’m a cat
    Chatroulette cat custome
  2. Nice Hat
    Chatroulette nice hat
  3. I will draw you
    Chatroulette I will draw you
  4. there is a spider on your wall !
    Chatroulette spider on your wall
    Chatroulette spider on your wall 2
    Chatroulette spider on your wall 3
    Chatroulette spider on your wall 4
  5. Big eyes.
    Chatroulette Big eyes
  6. Show me this face
    Chatroulette Show me this face
  7. A Nazi
    Chatroulette nazi
  8. John B Luc Picard and a ninja
    Chatroulette John Luc Picard
  9. Obama :) o :(
    Chatroulette Obama
  10. Obama to Batman: We meet again.
    Chatroulette Obama and Batman
  11. Mexican skeleton
    Chatroulette Mexican skeleton
  12. Mario Meets Luigi: what are the odds, seriously !!!
    Chatroulette Mario Meets Luigi
  13. Two guitarists
    Chatroulette Two guitarists
  14. Identical heart shaped glasses…. Is this a sign?
    Chatroulette heart shaped glasses
  15. Nice Chicken
    Chatroulette Nice Chicken
  16. you like my cat?
    Chatroulette you like my cat
  17. The Arabian lady image gets worse without a cat
    Chatroulette Arabian lady
  18. I will draw you…. Butt chin
    Chatroulette Butt chin
  19. Two kermits
    Chatroulette Two kermits
  20. White Ninja meets Black Ninja
    Chatroulette white black ninjas

Via BuzzFeed

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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    The best screenshot from chatroulette !

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  3. Fnarko says:

    And then batman showed obama his d1c|<

  4. Holly says:

    The 2 guitarists one… Is the same person in the same room… C.heck it out… Think you should replace that one!

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