Cut the Birds: iPhone game that ripoffs Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja

Date: October / 30 / 2011 + Comments: 0

Cut the Birds

This Free iPhone game has appeared in the top Free Apps from the App Store. Clearly Cut the Birds is a mix of Angry Birds with Fruit Ninja. The developers responsible for this could receive a lawsuit since they are using the Angry Birds characters inside the game, and even the game icon looks like the red bird from the Rovio game.

There is no doubt that this game will soon be banned form the App Store since it is infringing some copyright issues. So if you like to collect weird banned games, download it before it disappears (in the comments some people say it is quite laggy).

:download: Link in iTunes:

The birds are attacking… your iPhone’s screen! Swipe to cut the attacking birds or they crack your screen in seconds!

Cut the Birds is an action game where you have to slash different kinds of birds before they smash into your screen and crack it.

Check out how fast your eyes and fingers can go and how far you can advance in stopping the aggressive birds.

Be aware of bombs! Don’t slice the bombs otherwise the game would be over instantly.

Get extra bonus points by cutting several birds with one slash.


  • Ninja style
  • Different types of birds
  • Stunning screen cracking effects

iTunes Cut the Birds

Cut the Birds Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja

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