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Video of Chris Pirillo’s girlfriend: Diana

Finally the secret is over. After several videos where the tech geek and historic podcaster, Chris Pirillo, refused to show the face (photo or video) of his current girlfriend, Diana, from whom we only knew that she is hot, Asian, cute and loves Chris and enjoys LEGO. Today both upload this video to the lockergnome…

October 30th, 2011
iPhone 4S Vs. iPhone 4 Camera Test / 720p / Split Screen

This video is being uploaded in its raw and unedited format straight to YouTube. This video features a split of the center 50% from each camera. The iPhone 4 is on the left while the iPhone 4S is on the right. Here are some facts about this video: Source Format: iPhone 4: H.264 iPhone 4s:…

October 18th, 2011
First photos taken with the iPhone 4S 8MP Camera (and one 1080p HD video)

The following photos are the first photos that I found were uploaded to flickr by users using the new iPhone 4S. Only the first three ones have the zoom linked to the original photo (just because they have pro accounts). Technical Data: Quality: 8 Megapixel EXIF Summary: 1/60s f/2.4 ISO80 4.28mm (35mm eq:35mm) Equipment Make:…

October 15th, 2011
Photography, Technology
Video Review of iLife 11: iPhoto 11 and iMovie 11

In this 2 videos Chris Pirillo reviews the most important new features of Apple’s new suite, iLife 11: iPhoto 11 and iMovie 11. It’s difficult not to like something that’s continually improving and is relatively simple to use, and almost all the new improvements are most welcomed. iMovie 11 Review:

October 22nd, 2010
Software, Technology
Facetime testing from a Mac on an iPhone

Apple released the first public beta of the free FaceTime Mac desktop app ( Chris Pirillo reviews it from first hand and discovers It’s not without its share of flaws, but for the most part works as advertised.

October 21st, 2010
Internet, Technology
LEGO Minifigures

Chris Pirillo opens 16 packages of Series 1 of LEGO Minifigures. These are unique in the sense that they do not belong to any particular LEGO set.

September 15th, 2010
Review: Taking HDR photos with iPhone 4 / iPod Touch

Chris Pirillo tests two apps to take HDR photos with an iPhone 4, or the new iPod Touch 4th Generation. It’s true that iOS will bring HDR capabilities to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and (presumably, when it gets a camera) the iPad, but sometimes dedicated apps handle things better than features tacked-on to default apps….

September 7th, 2010
Photography, Technology
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The best review for the new iPod Shuffle

Best Review Ever. My thoughts on Apple’s new iPod Shuffle are quite similar to what Chris Pirillo says here.

September 2nd, 2010
Review: Dragon Dictation App for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Chris Pirillo brings us this review of the Dragon Dictation App running in his iPhone 4. :cafe: Dragon Dictation in the iTunes Store Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. In fact, it’’ up to five…

August 9th, 2010
Chris Pirillo: Apple iTunes App Store versus Google Android Marketplace

The main difference is that Apple controls what apps feature in their service, and to contrast that, Android Marketplace lets any app to appear first at its service and after they are installed the same community can report and eliminate the apps. Android Marketplace has no quality control. It is easier to search and sort…

July 2nd, 2010
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