Google will buy fflick for $10 Million

Date: January / 25 / 2011 + Comments: 0

fflick screenshot

fflick organizes media data, filters and analyzes information from twitter’s tweets, and presents it in the movies that are in the box office. It is still not a huge visited page with just 92.7K in Alexa.

Now the service is in the process of being acquired by Google for a price of around $10 million USD.

At this point it’s unclear if Google intends to keep fflick alive, or if this is primarily about the startup’s talent and the sentiment analysis engine that drives its recommendations. The service is pretty straightfoward: you sign in with your Twitter account and are shown a list of top-ranking movies. Next to each film is a set of relevant tweets from the people you follow. You can also choose to browse by sentiment, viewing a stream of positive or negative tweets about each movie.

fflick was founded by four former Digg employees.

Via TechCrunch

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