First photos taken with the iPhone 4S 8MP Camera (and one 1080p HD video)

Date: October / 15 / 2011 + Comments: 0

The following photos are the first photos that I found were uploaded to flickr by users using the new iPhone 4S.

Only the first three ones have the zoom linked to the original photo (just because they have pro accounts).

Technical Data:

Quality: 8 Megapixel
EXIF Summary: 1/60s f/2.4 ISO80 4.28mm (35mm eq:35mm)
Equipment Make: Apple
Camera Model: iPhone 4S
Camera Software: 5.0
Sensing Method: One-Chip Color Area
Focal Length (35mm Equiv): 35 mm
Horizontal Resolution: 72 dpi
Vertical Resolution: 72 dpi


Author: Chris Pirillo [Zoom 3264 x 2448]
Macro to an Android toy
iPhone 4S Photo with camera Android macro

Author: novkoba [Zoom 3264 x 2448]
iPhone 4S Photo macro Akihabara

Author: m1.m1. [Zoom 3264 x 2448]
Landscape, Town, outdoors.
Photo with iPhone 4S Landscape town

Author: RonnTan [Zoom 1600 x 822]
Comparison: Canon PowerShot SD630, Nikon D700 and iPhone 4S.
Canon PowerShot SD630, Nikon D700, iPhone 4S

Author: RonnTan [Zoom 1600 x 822]
Comparison: Nikon D2X, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S.
Nikon D2X, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S

Author: Jyoti Mishra
Landscape, United Kingdom.
iPhone 4S Photo Landscape

Author: Jyoti Mishra
Mailbox, United Kingdom.
Photo with iPhone 4S Mailbox outdoors

Author: Jyoti Mishra
Landscape, Nature.
Photo with iPhone 4S Landscape Nature

Author: Jyoti Mishra
Photo with iPhone 4S Macro plant

Author: Samuelwilliambrown
Photo with iPhone 4S Macro wooden fox

Author: peternoster
Photo with iPhone 4S indoors

Author: digitalbear [Zoom 1024×768]
Tokyo, Japan.
Photo with iPhone 4S Tokyo, Japan

Author: Dirk Dallas [Zoom 1024×685]
iPhone 4 (Left) vs iPhone 4S (Right)
Photo with iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S

Author: renambot [Zoom 1024×768]
Chicago, USA.
Photo with iPhone 4S Chicago

Video in HD 1080p with iPhone 4S

From the same author of the last photo, renambot, he also recorded this video using the iPhone 4S camera taht records HD 1080p video.

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