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List of the TIME’s 2010 Person of the Year Candidates

Who Will Be TIME’s 2010 Person of the Year? Take a look at this year’s candidates (listed in amount of votes) and give them your rating in this Poll. Though TIME’s editors who choose the actual Person of the Year reserve the right to disagree The Top 25 candidates are: Rank Name Total Votes 1…

December 4th, 2010
Video of Sarah Palin and her hand note to remember the tax cuts

Sarah Palin said to FOX NEWS Sunday: Obama’s commitment to let previous tax cuts expire are going to lead to even fewer job opportunities for Americans. It’s idiotic to think about increasing taxes at a time like this. …. My palm isn’t large enough to have written all my notes down on what this tax…

August 17th, 2010
Viral Videos, WTF
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