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Harry Potter song played with glasses

The song, which is the main theme from Harry Potter movies, sounds amazingly good for just been played with a group of glasses of water. At sometimes it feels that it sounds better with the glasses than with the original instruments

June 18th, 2012
Video of Tomorrow – The Cranberries

This is the official video for Tomorrow, a pop rock song by Irish group The Cranberries. It is the first single from their sixth studio album, Roses, to be released on February 14, 2012. Dolores O’Riordan, the lead singer, told Billboard that The song Tomorrow is about the way we sometimes hyper over-escalate things in…

January 25th, 2012
The GAG Quartet – le Internet Medley (OVER 40 MEMES IN ONE SONG)

Great job !!! this totally a geek Hymn. Some of the memes from the video are: 1. Nyan Cat. 2. Xhibit (Yo dawg) 3. Levan Polka – Leek Spin 4. Scum Bag Steve Hat. 5. Keyboard Cat. 6. Troll Face. 7. Y U NO? 8. Rage Face (FFUUUU) 9. Me Gusta 10. Antoine Dodson 11….

November 11th, 2011
Geek, Music
In Your Arms by Kina Grannis, the video clip with 288,000 jellybeans

In Your Arms, a cool viral video with more than 2 million views, made with stop-motion animation using jellybeans. Album: Stairwells Written by Kina Grannis Directed by Greg Jardin Produced by Daphne Raves Concept Art by Lauren Gregg Wardrobe by Gillian Zwick Sound Design by Suzanne Goldish Production Company:

November 9th, 2011
Music, Viral Videos
Scent Of A Robot – Pete Miser (video in High Quality)

The video is not HD but it is 480p, it was recently uploaded too YouTube by Pete Miser (this 2011). Scent of a Robot is a great hip-hop song from 2004 (part of the album Camouflage Is Relative), it is about an office worker than one day discovers that he is not human but a…

October 20th, 2011
Coldplay publishes in YouTube the full new song: Paradise (from Mylo Xyloto)

The new single of Coldplay [Via], taken from the album Mylo Xyloto (out Oct 24 2011). Get Paradise now when you pre-order the album from iTunes at:

October 15th, 2011
Fan-Made: Portal 2 Music Video

WARNING: This fan-made video is full of Portal 2 spoilers, including the final scene of the game Portal 2. This animation shows GLaDOS singing the song: “Want You Gone”, with some little Portal 2 style cartoons fitting the lyrics. Software used: Source SDK Photoshop Softimage Adobe After Effects

October 1st, 2011
Games, Music
Facebook Music: Scrobbling And Track Unification

A main aspect of Facebook Music will be Scrobbling. The term, made popular by, means that when you listen to a song, its title, album and group gets sent to your profile without you have to do anything. It is a post-music-to-profile feature. Facebook’s core feature is the wall feed, and music will now…

September 11th, 2011
Internet, Music
List of Winners from the Mtv VMA 2011

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards took place on August 28, at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, honoring the best music videos from the previous year. On July 20, the nominees were announced. Katy Perry received the most nominations this year at 10, followed by Adele, and Kanye West, who are both tied at 7….

August 29th, 2011
Events, Music
New Linkin Park video for Iridescent with only scenes of Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Linkin Park and Iridescent: Old scenes and new scenes were collected for this short version of the main song from the Transformers: Dark of the Moon’s Soundtrack. The actress and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, shows than she is more than a pretty face and knows how to act and scream with fear and terror:

June 16th, 2011
Movies, Music
Linkin Park Iridescent: Song for Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Since the beginning the group Linkin Park always performed the main songs fro the Transformers Movies: What I’ve done, and New Divide were the strong and main melodies for each soundtrack. For the third movie Michael Bay once again wanted them to perform: Iridescent, a great and emotive song, you can hear 30 seconds of…

April 19th, 2011
Movies, Music
List of songs from Thor Soundtrack

The list of songs from Thor Soundtrack (the live-action superhero movie directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Chris Hemsworth), has been revealed (beware of a lot of spoilers, it more or less gives away the full plot of the film) : The movie soundtrack of Thor will be released on May 3, 2011. Thor Original…

March 28th, 2011
Movies, Music
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