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Date: March / 11 / 2011 + Comments: 1

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Hundreds of people are dead after one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded struck Japan, triggering a devastating 10-metre-high tsunami along parts of the country’s northeastern coastline.

The massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck on Friday afternoon local time, creating gigantic waves which swept away cars, boats, homes and people as the surging water overwhelmed coastal barriers.

Widespread fires burned out of control and Japan’s nuclear industry was on alert as reactors shut down automatically as a safety precaution. Millions are reported to be without electricity, airports are closed and public transport in Tokyo and other cities has come to a halt as Japan reels amid the twin devastations.

Police said 200 to 300 bodies have been found in the northeastern coastal city of Sendai where hundreds of buildings have collapsed. Japan’s NHK television said the victims appeared to have drowned. Police said another 88 were confirmed killed and 349 were missing.

Thousands of people living near a nuclear plant in Fukushima prefecture were ordered to evacuate after the reactor developing a cooling fault. Officials said the move was a precaution and there was no evidence of leaking radiation.

Meanwhile, countries around the Pacific basin are on tsunami alert amid warnings that a wall of water could completely wash over low-lying islands.

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  1. beancube2010 says:

    Please SAVE JAPAN, the PEOPLE and the OCEAN from TEPCO!!! TOKYO, you should come out protesting against TEPCO killing our oceans.

    All oil tankers should sail to the approximate location and stand by. We are going to buy your tankers if they are appropriate for this.

    How much an oil tanker cost? TEPCO is going to release those contaminated water to destroy the Japan ocean. We have to buy some tankers to contain those water pumped from those collapsed reactors instead of allowing them to dump them into the ocean directly. The entire fishing industry would be destroyed by TEPCO for their industry. Japanese, entire population have to organize protests against TEPCO pumping to the sea right now!!!

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