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Avril Lavigne Alice and Labyrinth Avril Lavigne’s song Alice (from the soundtrack of Alice in Wonderland 2010) is mixed with scenes of the 1986 film: Labyrinth, starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie., and directed by Jim Henson I liked how the music suites to humor of that scene where Sarah feels lost in the middle of the dance floor.

April 11th, 2010
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Alice in Wonderland London Royal Premiere (Photos and Videos)

The official date for the Worldwide premier of Alice in Wonderland is March 5 2010, but this February 25 was held the special “Green Carpet” premier in London. No red carpets were used, just a green one surrounded with green pine animals, like the ones that appears in the gardens of Wonderland. The event was…

February 28th, 2010
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Avril Lavigne: Alice (Full Video) Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack

Alice is the main song of Almost Alice: Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack. It is written and performed by Avril Lavigne. Alice is an emotional ballad expressing the confusion of Alice falling through that rabbit hole. According to Lavigne, she wrote the song after asking Disney executives and director Tim Burton for a role on the…

February 18th, 2010
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Album of 136 Avatarized Celebrities

This Na’vi girl is the avatarized version of the actress Emilie de Ravin (most known as Claire in Lost), with her there are other 135 celebrities that have been photoshoped with blue skin, shiny freckles, Chihuahua ears and cat eyes, all of them in the flick set of photos: Avatized Pics Here are the thumbnails,…

February 17th, 2010
Almost Alice: Soundtrack of Alice in Wonderland and List of Songs

This is the album artwork of “Almost Alice”, the official Sountrack for the new movie Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. There will be two albums capturing the wonder of Lewis Carroll’s beloved books and visionary director Tim Burton. “Almost Alice” is a 16-song compilation featuring ALICE IN WONDERLAND’S end credit track “Alice” written by…

January 16th, 2010
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