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Animaniacs intro in South Park style

There is an Animaniacs’ Fan group devoted to encouraging Warner Bros. to reviving the series. It produced this version of the opening sequence in a South Park style. you can even see Pinky and Brain.

January 20th, 2011
Cthulhu kills Justin Bieber in South Park S14E13: The Most Evil Opponent The Coon (Eric Cartman alter ego) and Friends turn their attention to the next villainous scourge, Justin Bieber. This week on South Park, Eric Cartman, disguised as teenage super hero The Coon, decides in order to save the world he has to kill Justin Bieber! The mini-sized pop star is snatched up at one…

November 13th, 2010
Matt Stone and Trey Parker talk about South Park’s 200th episode

South Park’s Season 14 Episode 05 is called 200 for being the 200th episode in the hole SP’s story. South Park co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker speak reveal their plans to revisit battles over the boundaries of what can and cannot be done on television, including a quest to see just how many celebrities…

April 20th, 2010
South Park S14E04 You Have 0 Friends You Have 0 Friends: South Park mocks about a massive trend in the world, Social webpages, specifically Facebook and Chatroulette. This episode explains everything that is annoying about Facebook, like playing Farmville and the need to change your relationship status if you have a girlfriend. We can have a little bit of TRON too….

April 9th, 2010
Avatar with Team America: World Police This mix is called: Team Avatar: Pandora Police Avatar’s trailer was mixed with scenes of the movie Team America. The result of this parody is quite freak. Team America: World Police is a 2004 comedy film with puppets, written by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Pam Brady and directed by Parker, all of whom…

January 10th, 2010
Humor, Movies
Doing it right / Doing it wrong: To costume as AWESOM-O

You are doing it right: You are doing it wrong: Original: AWESOM-O is the robot from South Park (well it is Cartman pretending to be a robot).

December 10th, 2009
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