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Memorial Monument for the octopus Paul

Paul, the German octopus famous for correctly predicting each of Germany’s 2010 World Cup matches, got his own permanent memorial three months after his death. The Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, unveiled the 2 meters tall plastic replica of Paul clutching a football in its eight arms. The cephalopod’s cremated ashes were placed in…

January 21st, 2011
Animals, Art
Real Soccer 2011 game for iPhone, iPod Touch

Real Soccer 2011 is OPTIMIZED FOR iPHONE 4 with High-definition graphics that fully utilize the iPhone 4 Retina display. It promises the most realistic soccer experience ever on iPhone. Prepare for totally new graphics and animations that will impress even long-time fans of the series. RELIVE SOCCER HISTORY Jump into soccer’s most exciting moments with…

September 28th, 2010
FIFA 11 game ad: We are 11 (EA Sports)

In this ad we can see celebrities like Wayne Rooney, Kaka, Iniesta, Chiellini, Carlos Vela, and Ozil. Kaka is literally a rocket hat makes BOOM. The ad features Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayer Leverkusen, Lyon, and Arsenal. The ad shows how everybody can play FIFA 11 against anybody in the world. Song: Tenpole Tudor:…

September 17th, 2010
Games, Marketing
The first 62 games for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has published this official list of the first games that will be available in its new Operative System for Smartphones, Windows Phone 7.

August 29th, 2010
Animated Gif of the Italian player: Daniele De Rossi

In this animated GIF we can truly see what really happened to the Italian soccer player, Daniele De Rossi, while playing in the match against Paraguay.

June 24th, 2010
Humor, Sport
Bill Clinton in World Cup South Africa

The USA ex-president, Bill Clinton, was present in the match where the USA soccer team defeated Slovenia 1 to 0 in the first minute of the extra time. With this score USA was able to be the first of the group C and will be playing in the Finals 16.

June 23rd, 2010
Celebrities, Sport
World Cup USA vs Slovenia Controversial Goal Controversy by referee Koman Coulibaly On June 18, 2010 The United States of America played Slovenia in the 2nd game of the world cup in south africa. The US was down 2 to 0 at one point in the game. The United States came back and tied up the game. They also scored a third goal which was taken…

June 19th, 2010
SocCars, iPhone game developed by a young Colombian, Sebastián Vargas

SocCars ia a 3D game of two mini cars playing football soccer in a special field, they have to score Goals with special powers, weapons, etc. SocCars is the first iPhone game developed in Colombia, it is available to download in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. It is a game for children and adults….

May 15th, 2010
Game of Rexona Men Foot Zombie

This is the trailer for the online game: Rexona Men Foot Zombie, which is part of a bigger marketing campaign involving football soccer (FIFA 2010), zombies and the deodorant Rexona. The first symptom before being a zombie is the sweat You can play this game here: Rexona Foot Zombie (It needs a Unity plugin, I…

May 14th, 2010
Games, Marketing
Top 10 Movies in the Weekend Box Office, 9MAY2010: Iron Man 2

As expected, Iron Man2, the long awaited sequel of Marvel Universe, is leading the Box Office in its first week. It premiered 1 week earlier in Europe and Latin America just because of the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010. New Movies in Theaters Just premiered: Iron Man 2: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle,…

May 10th, 2010
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PELADA, a football soccer documentary

One year, two players, twenty-five countries, one game. Pelada is a documentary following Luke and Gwendolyn, 2 former college soccer stars who didn’t quite make it to the pros. Not ready for it to be over, they take off, chasing the game and learning new techniques. They play soccer in the Bolivian Salar de Uyuni,…

February 17th, 2010
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