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Robin Williams as a French Siri

Robin Williams on the Ellen Show was talking about “the new future” and then he started to do a French Siri impression, gets a laugh and that is when this man starts rolling.. there is no off switch when he does that … LOOK LOOK AND THEN PAINT. Why are you looking at a phone?…

December 1st, 2011
Two iPhones 4S: Siri talking with Siri

The following videos shows some conversations between two Siris (the new Artificial Intelligence from Apple). The outcomes are quite interesting, but we are still far from hear a normal and natural chat by these assistants. In this first video, it seems that they get along.

November 7th, 2011
Siri answers to: Who’s your daddy? This is a live demo of how the Artificial Intelligence of Siri (in an iPhone 4S) answers to some silly and funny questions like: Hi Siri, how are you? I’m fine. Thanks for asking. Where were you made? Like it says on the box… I was designed by Apple in California. Who’s your daddy?…

October 22nd, 2011
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