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2 new photos for The Walking Dead, Season 3

These are two new official photos from the Season 3 of The Walking Dead, our favorite zombie tv series. We see the characters fighting inside the prison which is overrun with Walkers. I am incredibly proud of the prison. I think our crew has done a great job. It’s a huge sense of scale and…

July 2nd, 2012
The Walking Dead Season 3: Michonne First Photo

EW has released the first look of actress Danai Gurira as the fan favorite katana wielding character, Michonne, who will make her debut in the Season 3 of The Walking Dead series. She actually debuted at the end of the Second Season, but only with her face hidden by a hood. How will the live…

May 23rd, 2012
First photo of Scarlett Johansson in Hitchcock

This is the first photo of Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh in Hitchcock. She is at the movie set using an early 60s beige pencil skirt, a button-up sleeveless print blouse and matching heels. Hitchcock is a film about one of the most influential filmmakers of the last century, Alfred Hitchcock, and his wife Alma…

May 18th, 2012
Leaked Photo from The Avengers After Credits: They are eating in a Shawarma restaurant

The following photo has leaked in the Internet, saying that is part of the After Credits scene from The Avengers movie. We already know about the Middle Credits scene involving Thanos.. and this is not what we were waiting for:

May 3rd, 2012
Macro photo: Drop of water on a Bee

Incredible macro photography of a flying bee carrying over its back a perfect drop of water like a spheric crystal ball. Even the reflection on the water look very cool [Zoom]

November 9th, 2011
Photo of the rebel who allegedly killed Muammar Gaddafi with his Golden Gun

A photo of the young rebel who allegedly killed Muammar Gaddafi brandishing what was once the former dictator’s golden gun. Once this is confirmed, this photo becomes confirmed epic. BBC reported earlier that this man found Gadhafi in hiding, the former dictator simply said to him “don’t shoot.” ___ Via Buzzfeed

October 20th, 2011
Celebrities, Events
First photos taken with the iPhone 4S 8MP Camera (and one 1080p HD video)

The following photos are the first photos that I found were uploaded to flickr by users using the new iPhone 4S. Only the first three ones have the zoom linked to the original photo (just because they have pro accounts). Technical Data: Quality: 8 Megapixel EXIF Summary: 1/60s f/2.4 ISO80 4.28mm (35mm eq:35mm) Equipment Make:…

October 15th, 2011
Photography, Technology
No Botox for Megan Fox

Megan Fox posted to her Facebook Fan Page an album titled: Things you can’t do with your face if you have Botox, she uploaded 4 photos making some facial expressions that I guess you can’t do if you have Botox.

October 1st, 2011
Beauty, Celebrities
Photo of a very thin Steve Jobs 48 hours After his Resignation

This photo of Steve Jobs was taken today and published by TMZ, it was taken two days after he resigned as the CEO of Apple. Obviously he looks very thin probably related to serious problems with his health. Our prayers for a full recovery are with you Steve.

August 27th, 2011
Kung-Fu Cat

Lets forget about 3D animated pandas, this is the real animal that practices martial arts in the middle of a sacred temple, the Kung-Fu Cat. Photo by Jungheon Lee rara1733 in web.stagram Blog: It seems to be that this is a real cat photo with no Photoshop effects, since its photographer has hundreds of…

August 1st, 2011
Hipstamatic comparison guide: 6 lenses, 6 films, 6 flashes = 216 combinations

As a fan of the Hipstamatic App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, I was lucky to find this great guide made by DJ Paine (@DJPaine) in his flickr account, which mixes all those lenses, films and flashes, (216 possibilities in total) showing every possible combination, which is a great reference guide to help us…

June 19th, 2011
New HD photos of Transformers 3 with Optimus Prime, Lennox, Carly, Sam and Simmons

[HD Zoom] Optimus Prime next-to an old building in the suburbs, holding a Huge Gun.

June 15th, 2011
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