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The PlayStation Phone by Sony Ericsson

This is the PlayStation Phone by Sony Ericsson you’ve long been waiting for. The device you see is headed into the market soon, likely having Android 3.0 (Gingerbread), along with a custom Sony Marketplace for apps which will allow you to purchase and download games designed for the new platform. The PlayStation Phone has 1GHz…

October 27th, 2010
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Windows Phone 7 to be GSM-only until first half of 2011

Photo: Windows Phone 7, LG Optimus 7 IFA 2010 Berlin. Verizon has expressed that it wouldn’t be carrying Windows Phone 7 devices until 2011, and now Microsoft is also confirming that its new platform will be GSM-only until the first half of 2011. So we won’t have a 4G Windows Phone 7 device. Product manager…

September 17th, 2010
Nokia E7 with Keyboard QWERTY Slider (vs Nokia N8)

Nokia is offering this new aluminum cellphone, the E7 QWERTY slider handset. One of the new family of Symbian 3 devices, it has: 4-inch tilting touchscreen display on the front. 8 megapixel imager capable of 720p video on the back. Comes with the ability to create PowerPoint slides on the go. Nokia’s new ClearBlack Display….

September 14th, 2010
The first 62 games for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has published this official list of the first games that will be available in its new Operative System for Smartphones, Windows Phone 7.

August 29th, 2010
David Pogue: The Latest Pico Projectors

David Pogue show us the latest technology in Pico Projectors included in some mobile phones. The LG Expo, a cellphone with an (almost) built-in projector, and the Aaxa, which uses lasers for clearer images.

March 23rd, 2010
The New Windows Phone 7

During the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Microsoft revealed details of Windows Phone 7 Series, which features a new operating system and integration with Xbox Live and Zune services. Microsoft has just released a new Mobile Operating System, the Windows Phone 7 Series, which is not an iPhone Killer, but looks like a strong,…

February 15th, 2010
Megan Fox’s Bubble Bath in the Motorola Ad for the Super Bowl XLIV 2010 The actress Megan Fox is the protagonist of this recent Super Bowl Ad for Motorola intelligent mobiles phones with Motoblur technology. The concept is clear, as hot as she is, she can send a picture of her taking a bubble bath in a tub to her contacts in Facebook and twitter, and the world…

February 9th, 2010
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Ninjas Unboxing Google’s Nexus One Phone

This a Stop Motion animation showing 3 ninjas (toys) unboxing the mighty Nexus One. The headphones used as Nunchakus are 100% geektastic. I liked the music and the ninja’s voices. When it comes to “unboxing”, ninjas know how to handle things… Animation by: Patrick Boivin and his ninjas. Google needs to contact him ASAP to…

January 18th, 2010
Animations, Toys
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