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Skrillex in Back to the Future

The guys from College Humor did this parody, mixing the dancing and Marty concert in Back to the Future 1 with the music of Skrillex. At the end is not that a great parody, but at least we get to see Skrillex himself: They should have taken it more seriously and this could end up…

November 14th, 2012
Death A Sketch: Death Note Parody

If you haven’t seen the original anime (Death Note) there are a lot of spoilers in this parody. Very clever to change the Death Note with a Etch A Sketch from hell. Poor Kira (Light Yagami) it was very hard for him to write any name on that mechanical drawing toy invented by French inventor…

May 7th, 2012
Jurassic Park: How It Should Have Ended

Welcome to Jurassic… [PUFFFFF] The guys from HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) are back with another epic parody of a Science fiction classic film. … Clever Girl … Man those Raptors are smart. Smarter than snakes and way smarter than those kids! LULZ! BTW that helicopter pilot was a Lost Reference, he is the…

September 30th, 2011
Lost in 8 Bits (Nintendo style)

In this parody of Lost, we see many famous Nintendo characters, all with 8-bit graphics from the classic games. Mario has the role of Dr. Jack Shephard, and the dog that wakes him up is from the game Duck Hunt.

November 11th, 2010
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The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXI (2010)

Sneak Peek (3 minutes) Treehouse of Horror XXI is the episode 4 of The Simpsons’ season 22, and is scheduled to air on Fox in the United States on November 7, 2010. This is the 21st Treehouse of Horror episode, and, like the other “Treehouse of Horror” episodes, will consist of three self-contained segments….

October 31st, 2010
Daniel Radcliffe in The Simpsons (Treehouse of Horror)

A young emo vampire called Edward (a Twilight Parody) will appear in The Simpsons Halloween Special 2010: Treehouse of Horror. And Daniel Radcliffe, the Harry Potter actor, will give his voice to this character. Good one Fox!!!

October 8th, 2010
Lost: How It Should Have Ended

Warning, there are some spoilers so if you did not see Lost’s Final avoid watching this parody. Indeed Jacob waited for 6 seasons to offer them the water of eternal life. I also liked the detail of Jacob wearing a solar wristwatch Lapidus already knows how Kate only creates love triangles in the series and…

September 14th, 2010
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Ping Movie trailer: Another Social Network

Nice parody. Ping is as simple as the push of 47 buttons. Song: Scala and Kolacny Brothers – Creep

September 10th, 2010
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Tangled Viral Video: Double Tower (Double Rainbow parody)

Disney is starting a campaign promoting Tangled (Rapunzel) with parodies of recent viral videos from youtube. Tangles is a 3D animated movie. The first video of this saga is Double Tower, a parody to the Double Rainbow Guy. Whoa, it is so intense!!! Very well done Disney, the marketing department deserve a raise for such…

September 8th, 2010
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Iron Baby

This a parody of the first movie of Iron Man with a baby as the protagonist and his enemies are men with costumes of bunnies. Authors: Jocelyn Strob Simard and Patrick Boivin Software: Autodesk 3ds Max, VRay, Adobe After Effects.

May 29th, 2010
Humor, Movies
Lost: 3 Alternate Endings (Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost)

These are the three alternate endings to lost, all of them are a parody showed in the special: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost. We also see a young Jacob (Kenton Duty) in the back side of the show Appeared: Matthew Fox, Michael Emerson, Terry O’Quinn, Emilie de Ravin, Naveen Andrews, Harold Perrineau, Daniel Dae-Kim,…

May 27th, 2010
Transmorfers Latinos: Vatobots Versus Deporticons

Transmorfers: Revenge of la Migratron What would happen if the Autobots had landed in México instead of USA?, probably they would have migration problems, specially if they took the new name as: The Vatobots. But no one will stand against the Beto’s Tacos, which is now the leader, Robtimus Primo.

May 24th, 2010
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