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Summary Review: iPhone OS 4.0

This is my short Summary Review (for people without too much time like you and me) in the recent Steve Jobs Conference of iPhone OS 4.0: The Novelties Multitasking, several apps working at the same time in the background. It is not 100% but with some trick it just works at expected without wasting battery….

April 8th, 2010
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Plants vs Zombies song: There’s a zombie on your lawn by Laura Shigihara

This is the Music Video showed at the end of the game Plants versus Zombies The song is: There’s a zombie on your lawn (in Japanese: Uraniwa ni Zombies ga!) the singer is Laura Shigihara (her site) I just have to say that this is GREAT GAME (Worth to pay for it in the Apps…

February 22nd, 2010
The New Windows Phone 7

During the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Microsoft revealed details of Windows Phone 7 Series, which features a new operating system and integration with Xbox Live and Zune services. Microsoft has just released a new Mobile Operating System, the Windows Phone 7 Series, which is not an iPhone Killer, but looks like a strong,…

February 15th, 2010
Apple’s iPad Review

Today January 27th Steve Jobs presented the new iPad, a device that is a mix of an iPhone and a Macbook, it runs an improved version of the iPhone OS and is a well designed tablet computer. The price is low. To Buy or not to buy an iPad The pros and Cons of an…

January 27th, 2010
The Apple Tablet: Developers are supersizing Apps for a January event

The Apple Tablet will turn out to be real: Apple has told some of its key developers to prepare versions of their iPhone apps that will work on a device with a larger screen, in time for an event next month, January 2010. Apple has also booked the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in…

December 26th, 2009
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