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Top 10 Movies at the Weekend Box Office, 17APR2011: Rio

Moviegoers flocked to Rio but fled from Scream 4 over the weekend. Thanks to Rio and some decent holdovers, though, this was the first genuinely up weekend year-over-year since early November, boasting an eight percent increase over 2010, when Kick-Ass and How to Train Your Dragon were on top. New Movies in Theaters Just premiered:…

April 19th, 2011
Blogger Dynamic Views

This video is an overview of the five new dynamic views in Blogger that soon will be available in this blog system. These new views use the latest in web technology, including AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3, to deliver a host of benefits. It is clear that a lot of blogs about photography will be the…

April 9th, 2011
Adobe Wallaby: Flash-to-HTML5 Converter

Adobe has released a new, experimental Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool codenamed Wallaby. Wallaby is an AIR app that lets devs and designers quickly and simply convert Flash Professional files, .FLA to HTML5, it’s a matter of dragging and dropping. The company is specifically hoping this tool will make it easier for designers and developers to get…

March 10th, 2011
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Keenan Cahill raps with Ray William Johnson, JayZ, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dog, 50 Cent

Funny 2D animation with the heads of all those famous rappers, great singers, and Justin Bieber.

January 27th, 2011
Humor, Music
NMA 3D Animation explaining: WikiLeaks

The subtitles say: Julian Assange through his WikiLeaks website promises greater government transparency. But his document dumps have angered officials around the world. US Senator Joseph Lieberman has pressured Internet companies to withdraw their services from WikiLeaks. Rather than protect Internet freedom, Amazon and PayPal have willingly complied with US demands. Assange is the subject…

December 12th, 2010
Animation: WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM by Steven Johnson

One of our most innovative, popular thinkers takes on-in exhilarating style-one of our key questions: Where do good ideas come from? With Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson pairs the insight of his bestselling Everything Bad Is Good for You and the dazzling erudition of The Ghost Map and The Invention of Air to…

October 12th, 2010
Animated Cartoon: Scott Pilgrim vs The Animation

With subs in Spanish Great Marketing video to promote the movie of Scott Pilgrim vs The World. The cartoon is about a short prequel of what we will see in the actual movie. We see how Scott met with Kim Pine (The drummer of his band). I really like it, it is a pity how…

August 31st, 2010
Animations, Movies
Conan O’Brien and his TBS Promos

In this animated promo/ad Conan’s head is constructed by construction workers. He will start his new Show in TBS this November. Second Ad: A Clay animation commercial for Conan in TBS

August 15th, 2010
Celebrities, Series
The Borrowers, the new Studio Ghibli film The Borrowers (Karigurashi no Arrietty) is the title of a new anime film to be produced by Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli, based on the fantasy novel The Borrowers by Mary Norton. The upcoming film will be released in July 17, 2010 and will mark the directorial debut of Studio Ghibli animator Hiromasa Yonebayashi,…

June 25th, 2010
Trololo with 3D animated japanese dancers

This version brings to a new level of 3D animation and techno music, to our viral video Trololo. The female chorus sounds just great.

April 26th, 2010
iPhone: Talking Carl versus Talking Carl

Talking Carl ($0.99) is an App for the iPhone that has a 3D character that repeats everything you say in the microphone, with a funny voice and animation. The situation turns interesting once that you put next to him another Talking Carl and they start to imitate each other’s voice, until we just hear some…

April 20th, 2010
Movie: Frankenweenie (2011)

This film is another new project from the director Tim Burton, it is a Remake of the short Frankenweenie (1984), also made by Burton. The short was made with real life actors but the film will be done using stop-motion animation. Frankenweenie is a dog story that comes back to life in Frankenstein style. Director:…

April 7th, 2010
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