Movie: Frankenweenie (2011)

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Frankenweenie poster dog This film is another new project from the director Tim Burton, it is a Remake of the short Frankenweenie (1984), also made by Burton. The short was made with real life actors but the film will be done using stop-motion animation.

:advice: Frankenweenie is a dog story that comes back to life in Frankenstein style.

Director: Tim Burton
Release Date: November 2011

Frankenweenie (1984)

Here is Frankenweenie part I:

If you watch it in detail you can recognize that the boy named Victor Frankenstein is played by Barret Oliver, the protagonist of the Neverending Story (Bastian). His mother, Susan Frankenstein, is played by Shelley Duvall, the actress from The Shinning. The blond girl is Sofia Coppola.

Frankenweenie Part II:

Frankenweenie Part III:

Look at the mini-golf game, that castle and windmill were used in Alice in Wonderland.

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