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Google will make Gmail Social With Status Update Features

Since Google decided to not support IE6 for Gmail and other services, we will have new cool updates for this services. Google will begin with a major improvement in Gmail, it will have a new feature for sharing content and status updates with friends. Gmail will offer a timeline-view of your friends’ status updates, just…

February 8th, 2010
Internet, Software
How to activate the God Mode in Windows 7 (Video)

A new tip for Windows 7 has been revealed, the God Mode, a feature which is actually pretty handy for power users. The trick allows you to pull all of your PC’s control panels into one standard class view folder. How to enable God Mode Create a folder in Windows 7 Re-name the folder to…

January 15th, 2010
Microsoft Loses i4i Patent Appeal and must stop selling Office by January 11 2010

They are tasting their own medicine (Microsoft is famous of patent demanding to other companies). Microsoft has lost its appeal against company i4i regarding a patent used in Word and Office that uses an algorithm to read XML files, but rather than pull the program from the market, Microsoft will instead remove the infringing XML…

December 22nd, 2009
Improvements in WordPress 2.9

A major upgrade to WordPress has been released, the 2.9 version (codename Carmen). It brings the following improvements: Global undo with the help of a trash bin. If you accidentally delete a post or comment you can bring it back from the Trash. This also eliminates those annoying “are you sure” messages on every delete….

December 18th, 2009
Blog, Software
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