Microsoft Loses i4i Patent Appeal and must stop selling Office by January 11 2010

Date: December / 22 / 2009 + Comments: 0

Microsoft Office Word 2007

They are tasting their own medicine (Microsoft is famous of patent demanding to other companies).

Microsoft has lost its appeal against company i4i regarding a patent used in Word and Office that uses an algorithm to read XML files, but rather than pull the program from the market, Microsoft will instead remove the infringing XML editor from Word.

Existing copies of Word are not affected by the court’s decision, but any copies of Microsoft Word 2007 or Microsoft Office 2007 sold after January 11, 2010 will not contain i4i’s XML editor.


In 2007, i4i sued Microsoft for infringing on its XML editor patent. On August 11 2009, a District Court in Texas handed down a $290 million judgment against the software giant and ordered Microsoft to remove Word from the market within 60 days.

Microsoft promptly filed an appeal and requested that the injunction be delayed pending appeal. The Federal Appeals Court for the D.C. Circuit agreed, and the two sides pleaded their case on September 23.

Microsoft lost that appeal today, Tuesday December 22th.

(*) Customers with existing copies of Office or Word 2007 with the infringing XML editor will be able to continue using the product. The court’s ruling only affects copies of the program sold after the January 11th injunction date.

We expect to have copies of Microsoft Word 2007 and Office 2007, with this feature removed, available for U.S. sale and distribution by the injunction date.

In addition, the beta versions of Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010, which are available now for downloading, do not contain the technology covered by the injunction.

– Microsoft representatives.

Via PCMag

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