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Gizmodo and LifeHacker are loosing traffic thanks to their new design

Alexa rank and traffic of Gizmodo (link) and LifeHacker (link) is plumbing since their new design, which is proving to be interesting but not usable. The drop in traffic from search means that the new design is not working well in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). This traffic collapse is happening because of the…

February 18th, 2011
Facebook’s Servers

Facebook numbers Facebook has more than 500 million active users. Facebook is currently the world’s most popular web site, with more than 690 billion page views each month. Facebook currently accounts for about 9.5% of all Internet traffic, slightly more than Google. There are 100 million new photos uploaded to Facebook every day. Facebook infrastructure…

January 5th, 2011
Internet, Technology
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World Airline Traffic (24-Hour Time Lapse)

This is a 24 hour observation of all of the large aircraft flights (yellow dots) in the world, condensed down to 1:11. The image was taken from a satellite That is what we must look like to the UFO’s. Day is over in Australia when the video starts. You will see the light of the…

December 30th, 2010
Viral Videos
0 comments is offline and that could cause problems to your page

Real-time web analytics service has been completely down (offline) for at least all the day (as of September 12th 2010). Millions of webmasters use this widget to gather realtime traffic stats. The current outage has caused some problems to the sites implementing this widget. Lets look at their widget implementation. <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script><script type=”text/javascript”>WAU_small(unique-site-tag)</script>…

September 12th, 2010
Advanced Twitter Search Operators

Since Search in twitter has become a huge deal of relevant real time information source, this special operators for advanced search are very handy to find the tweets we need. I wonder hoe twitter filters the positive and negative attitude Operator Finds tweets… twitter search containing both “twitter” and “search”. This is the default operator….

March 14th, 2010
How to cross a street in India

This is the crazy traffic in the streets / roads of Hyderabad city, India. The man who recorded this was almost all the time in the middle of the traffic. The 3 wheels yellow taxis are everywhere.

December 10th, 2009
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