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Sonim XP3300 Force: Will it Blend?

Tom from blendtec has finally met his match with one of the toughest cell phones around, the Sonim XP 3300 Force ($525 USD). It… mostly blended. The Sonim XP3300 Force, though it looks a lot like the models that have come before it, the Force has a unique claim: it alleges to offer the longest…

May 26th, 2011
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3Gnet Android phones Factory Tour in Shenzhen, China

This video shows how 3Gnet manufactures and tests Android phones in Shenzhen, China. We can see the assembly lines and the tests they perform to phones like: Humidity, temperature, shaking and drop tests, and so on.

April 25th, 2011
Daniel Burd, 16 year-old Canadian student isolates bacterias that degrades plastic bags

We produce 500 billion of Plastic bags in a year worldwide and they are discarded polluting oceans, killing wildlife and getting dumped in landfills where they take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Researchers have been unsuccessfully looking for a solution. The 16 year-old Canadian high school student, Daniel Burd, from Waterloo Collegiate Institute, has…

January 6th, 2010
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