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Stan Lee cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man

No matter what, there is always a Stan Lee cameo in the main Marvel movies. Already a tradition, the creator of Spider-Man was also present in The Amazing Spider-Man, in a brief scene where a librarian working at the school of Peter. The scene consists in this gentleman using noise-canceling headphones, and while listening to…

July 10th, 2012
Stan Lee in twitter

Stan Lee (creator of Marvel Comics, twitter account: @smilinstanlee) likes to use twitter and he does tweet some funny and wise messages, here are some examples: @smilinstanlee: Was invited to the Kick Ass premier but it’s the night I fly to Vegas for a speech! I’m surprised they didn’t change the premiere for me @smilinstanlee:…

April 12th, 2010
Painting of Wolverines Playing Poker

This must be the painting that Stan Lee has in his living-room. __ Via BuzzFeed

March 12th, 2010
Art, Comics
Stan Lee in The Big Bang Theory, a Comic Tv Ad

This Tv Ad is to let us know that today is the main event, where Stan Lee, the lord from Marvel, will be joining the crew of Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard and Penny in the Episode: The Big Bang Theory S03E16 The Excelsior Acquisition We already saw a preview and a Stan Lee’s interview about…

March 1st, 2010
Stan Lee’s interview about his cameo in The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Stan Lee will have his first appearance as himself in The Big Bang Theory S03E16 The Excelsior Acquisition. At the beginning of this video we can see a little preview. Stan Lee opening his mansion’s door to Penny and Sheldon. He is dressed with a Fantastic 4 robe, in a Hugh Hefner style. Penny…

February 16th, 2010
Iron Man 2 Trailer 2 in HD + 70 Mighty Screenshots

[Spoilers] The premiere of Avatar gave us new trailers for: Iron Man 2, Clash of the Titans and Alice in Wonderland. Here is the new Trailer for Iron Man 2, with a more presumptuous Tony Stark, a helmet kisser Pepper Pots, a fighting Black Widow and the destroyers Whiplash and War Machine. (there are also…

December 17th, 2009
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