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Special Ad “out of the player” from Tostitos: And Then There Was Salsa This is one of the best on-line ads of a Mexican Snack (Nachos). Tostitos Restaurant Style worked with Vimeo opportunities to produce and Ad that goes out of the video player. For the complete experience you have to see this in the Vimeo Page. Wait for the second 0:07. Sadly there isn’t a way…

March 4th, 2010
Tribute Concert to Celia Cruz: Yo viviré, Live (I will Survive)

In 2002 the Salsa Queen Celia Cruz was diagnosed with brain tumor, and at the end of that year was under surgery. In 2003 this Tribute Concert was held by Telemundo to honor her return to the world of music, and her great recovery. When it comes to Salsa Music, Celia Cruz is my favorite…

February 25th, 2010
Oscar D’León sings the twitter Salsa: Sígueme

Lyrics @OscarDLeon: Sígueme, que yo te sigo…. Sus mensajes me demuestran que son mis amigos. Sígueme, que yo te sigo…. Sígueme, que yo te sigo, tú me escribes y yo te escribo. Sígueme, que yo te sigo…. 140 caracteres para decirme que me quieres, anda tu mensaje, please, ¡te juro que no te olvido! What…

December 26th, 2009
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