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The biggest insect in the world was found in New Zealand

Adventurer Mark Moffett was on Little Barrier Island in New Zealand when he found this guy. The giant, cricket-like insect was recently declared the world’s biggest and is so large that it eats full-sized carrots. He came across the cricket-like creature, which has a wing span of seven inches, after two days of searching on…

December 1st, 2011
Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots iPhone/iPad Gameplay (Bandito Mode)

This game is already released in New Zealand (iTunes). Worldwide later tonight. ($0.99 iPhone / $1.99 iPad) Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots features the all-new Bandito mode. Slice through a series of increasingly exciting challenges. Each stage thrusts you into never-seen-before fruit frenzy adventure: Massive fruit from the Giant’s castle, precision and timing challenges, all-out…

October 19th, 2011
Video of the 6.3 Earthquake in SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND

Earthquake Details: Magnitude 6.3 This event has been reviewed by a seismologist. Date-Time: Monday, February 21, 2011 at 23:51:43 UTC Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 12:51:43 PM at epicenter Location: 43.600°S, 172.710°E Depth : 5 km (3.1 miles) Region: SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND Distances: NEAR Christchurch, New Zealand 225 km (140 miles) SSE of…

February 22nd, 2011
Full List of Miss Universe 2010 Pageants

Miss Universe 2010 was celebrated on August 23, in Las Vegas, the winner resulted to be Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete. Here is the list of all the contestants…

August 24th, 2010
Octopus steals video camera and swims off with it, while it’s recording

Amazing video!!! while trying to get video of a wild octopus, it suddenly dashed towards a free diving guy and stealed his shiny new camera from out of his hands, then swims off, all while the camera is still recording! It swam away very quickly like a shoplifter. After a 5 minute chase, the diver…

April 18th, 2010
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