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Zombie wedding invitation

The groom said: My future wife and I have the most cool wedding invitations I’ve ever seen, and thought I’d share. What do you think? A great foundation for a good marriage, common ground! __ Author of the card design: (personally I preferred the final version in Black and White)

March 24th, 2011
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher enjoy to wear glasses

The following photos are from the personal twitpic account of the actress Demi Moore (47 years), current wife of Ashton Kutcher (32 years). Their marriage is a successful one, they look to be in love, and they enjoy to wear glasses…

November 9th, 2010
No Ordinary Family, the trailer of this new tv series In a few words, No Ordinary Family is a mix between Heroes, The Fantastic 4, and The Incredibles. The family’s last-name is Powell, which sounds like Power. Michael Chiklis as Jim Powell Julie Benz as Stephanie Powell Jimmy Bennett as JJ Powell Kay Panabaker as Daphne Powell Romany Malco as George St. Cloud Autumn…

May 23rd, 2010
Jim Carrey and Jenny reveal break up on Twitter

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are breaking up a 5-year relationship, and both tweet about it. This just happened 5 hours ago: @Jimcarrey: Jenny and I have just ended our 5yr relationship. I’m grateful 4 the many blessings we’ve shared and I wish her the very best! S’okay! ?;^> @JennyFromMTV: Im so grateful for the…

April 6th, 2010
Alice in Wonderland, she is asked in marriage in the UK Trailer The Official UK Trailer for Alice in Wonderland (by Tim Burton) has an extra minute at the beginning showing new scenes of Alice Kingsley (Mia Wasikowska) previous to her third trip to Wonderland. [ Here be Spoilers] Alice is 19 years old, she attends a party at a Victorian estate, a mansion of her…

December 18th, 2009
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