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Top 10 photos of 2010 uploaded to imgur

Imgur has posted the top 10 images of 2010 according to the amount of visits they registered to all the uploaded images from this year. 10.- Team Coco This image, created by Sir Mitchell, was responsible for uniting the Internet together for a cause everyone could agree on. In an effort to give Conan “Coco”…

December 31st, 2010
Celebrities, Photography
Happy Keanu Reeves Meme

After several memes with the actor Keanu Reeves looking really sad and depressed (Sad Keanu, y Sad Keanu 2), new photos arrive with a big change, Keanu is happy, running holding a videocamera. And here are some of the photoshoped images of Happy Keanu, some with Matrix scenes, or with a Happy Leonardo DiCaprio, etc:

October 14th, 2010
Celebrities, Humor
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