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What’s Your Number?

Spectacular Cast for a great comedy: Anna Faris (Scary Movie), Chris Evans (Captain America), Ari Graynor, Blythe Danner, Zachary Quinto (Heroes), Andy Samberg (Saturday Night Live), Eliza Coupe (Denise in Scrubs), Joel McHale (Community), Mike Vogel (Jason in Cloverfield) and Martin Freeman (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy , and the New Bilbo Baggins in…

May 23rd, 2011
Cameron Diaz has Madonna Arms

Actress Cameron Diaz while leaving the gym in Venice Beach, California (February 17, 2011) was spotted with muscular toned arms. She was with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez (the 35-year player of the Yankees).

February 22nd, 2011
Black Eyed Peas in Wonderland

This is a fan-made video that jolins the Black Eyed Peas song Meet me Halfway with an alice that has just broken with her boyfriend. Alice then is ina dream inside Wonderland (this is why it is so shinny) Alice: Ana K. Arias.

March 23rd, 2010
Viral Videos
Video of Jessica Simpson with a Candle on her ear

The singer Jessica Simpson posted the following video on her twitter account: @JessicaSimpson: Who gives this kind of candle for a christmas gift? Jessica is seen SCREAMING doing ear candling for Christmas, a piece of pizza box is used to make sure none of the ashes fall on her face. All the while her…

December 26th, 2009
Celebrities, WTF
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