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Proof 3: A Time Traveler reads Aeromental

This is the third time that a time traveler visits Aeromental (this Blog welcomes people from the future), or at least it seems to be the case. The previous 2 proofs are in Spanish, the first was about somebody using a new kind of feed reader not yet invented, and the second one was about…

December 28th, 2009
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No Foul Play in Brittany Murphy’s Death

Brittany Murphy’s sudden death at age 32 is under investigation by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, which will conduct an autopsy ASAP, if possible this Monday. No cause of death has yet been determined, but according to coroner’s Capt. John Kades, “Foul play is not suspected at this time because there were no outward…

December 21st, 2009
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Homicide Investigation Launched Into Chris Henry accident

Homicide detectives have been called to the scene of a North Carolina crash Wednesday evening that left Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry with very serious injuries in his back. Henry was listed in serious condition in a Charlotte-area hospital following a crash there. How was Chris Henry’s accident Police said Henry and his fiancée, Loleini…

December 17th, 2009
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WE GOT THAT B ROLL!!! shots of ordinary people doing things Do you need shots of ordinary people doing things? They GOT THAT B ROLL. I particularly liked “depressed woman touching a wall”. B-roll, B roll, or Broll is supplemental or alternate footage intercut with the main shot in an interview or documentary. B roll sometimes makes its way into stock footage libraries. Directed By…

December 9th, 2009
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