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Google Buzz buttons with counter

If you want to add Google Buzz buttons to your site, just go to, configure your buttons with a couple clicks and copy a few lines of JavaScript. Paste this code where you’d like the Buzz buttons to appear and you’re all set. The only think that I didn’t like is the bright colors…

April 17th, 2010
Design, Internet
WordPress: Plugins for Facebook and twitter buttons with counters

I was searching a good plugin for twitter, with a counter, but without using tweetmeme, I don’t see the point to Retweet a post in tweetmeme and not directly in the user twitter account. For Facebook, I am using two options, I will later consider to left both or just one. Plugins for WordPress These…

April 14th, 2010
Aeromental, Blog
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Chatroulette: Basically, three people in last 5 minutes didn’t like what you have broadcasted

Chatroulette has implemented a new Security System against some disturbing people in the service, or users who are just annoying, disrespecting the community rules, or just for being plain boring. If 3 users in 5 minutes press the button: Report (F2), you (your IP) are banned from the service, and this message will pop everytime…

April 2nd, 2010
Twitter changes the UPDATE button for TWEET

Something says to me that TO TWEET will officially become a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary this 2010, in the same way that TO GOOGLE became a verb in 2006. __ Screenshot : JP192

March 10th, 2010
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