The Avengers: How It Should Have Ended

Date: July / 16 / 2012 + Comments: 0

:spoiler: First, it is correct, it was so obvious that while Iron Man, Thor and Captain America were fighting, Loki didn’t run away and just waited to be trapped.

Black Widow: Pew Pew Pew.

Poor Hulk, he didn’t know about Coulson’s death. The details are some plot moments that helped them a lot like Odin being able to send Thor back to Earth, the professor closing the portal, and all the Chitauris dying at the same time.

The Avengers HISHE
It is really funny to see all The Avengers sharing the table with Superman and Batman in the coffeehouse. And they are eating Shawarma, like in the post credits scene.

I’m not jealous. I’m Batman.

Chitauris Escene

Two Chitauri buddies discuss their life in the evil alien army. They are happy that they only have to worry about six people fighting against them, and both of them decide to make a clever change of plans, instead of just shooting with no reason, they will go to protect the Tesseract (none of the Chitauris did this in the film :jajaja: )

But …

Chitauri Bert: Did he just blow up the mothership?
Chitauri Frankie: why is that bad?
Chitauris: :fuuu: Ahhhhhugggggggggg………… X_X

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