Video of The Amazing Spider-Man After Credits

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:spoiler: This is the scene showed in the middle of the credits after the end of The Amazing Spider-Man, almost an after credits sequence.

We see Dr. Curt Connors (The Lizard) walking inside his prison. Inside the cell, he sits alone, but he hears a voice of a cloaked man who appears between two slivers of moonlight.

He says: Did you tell him about his father?

He is wearing a hat.

The Amazing Spider-Man After Credits

Connors says that he told young Peter nothing about his father, Richard Parker, and nobly pleads that Peter be left alone. The shrouded man quickly disappears with another strike of lightning.

The scene is brief, but there may be some clues.

We don’t know who is this person. It can be the second personality that Connors developed (he listened to an evil voice when he transformed in the giant lizard), so it could be a manifestation of his mind.

But, maybe, it’s a real person, probably the sick Norman Orborn, who is very aware of the destiny of Peter’s father. Since Amazing Spider-Man will have a sequel, it is very likely that we are looking at the new villain. But the mystery will remind until the new movie arrives in 2014.

Some fans say that the hat is the main clue, because of that he could be Dr. Angst, an agent of Norman Osborn, who specialize in Psychology.

Marc Webb said:

It’s intentionally mysterious, and I invite speculation. I like this idea that Oscorp is this Tower of Babel. And every crazy thing in the universe somehow relates to Oscorp.

Rhys Ifans, the actor who plays Connors, says:

Connors is sent to an asylum, and he’s visited by, shall we say, a representative from Oscorp.

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