Amazing Spider-Man: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone sing a little song

Date: May / 22 / 2012 + Comments: 0

Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker) and Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) decided to sing a little song in order to promote the film The Amazing Spider-Man.

Garfield explained that they were given these things to do for different stations and websites, but to just say that the film is “Amazing” doesn’t made sense to him, therefore together with Emma they decided to sing and make fun of it, he says: So we were being just completely stupid and ridiculous.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone singing

On the other hand, there are theses new 4 behind-the-scenes photos:

The Amazing Spider-Man back-stage 1
The Amazing Spider-Man back-stage 2
The Amazing Spider-Man back-stage 3
The Amazing Spider-Man back-stage 4

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