Selena Gomez kissing a girl = Fake photo

Date: May / 08 / 2012 + Comments: 0

photo Selena Gomez kissing a girl

This photo of Selena Gomez kissing in the mouth to a girl has traveling all around the world. Some people didn’t care, others claimed it is a fake picture, and there were some that said that there is no difference after kissing to Justin Bieber :jajaja:

There is a rare detail in the nose of the blonde girl, her nose changes its color, like if she was put there via Photoshop, perhaps the white half of that nose belong to … Justin Bieber. You be the judge:

Selena Gomez kissing a girl is a Fake photo

On the other hand this REAL photo shows that Selena Gomez really likes to kiss to her girlfriends while having fun:

Selena Gomez kissing a girlfriend

Wait!!! maybe this girlfriend is the same girl from the first picture :cerealguy:

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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