Video of Avengers Post Credit Scene: They are eating Shawarma

Date: May / 04 / 2012 + Comments: 8

So this is the video from the long waited Post Credits Scene in The Avengers film.

:spoiler: Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America and Hawkeye are sharing a friendly moment in a Shawarma Restaurant (a little but destroyed) two blocks from the last battle, as Tony previously mentioned it during the film (after Hulk screamed at him).

No dialogue, just a special moment of pure camaraderie.

Option 2 to watch the Post Credit:

We previously posted a screenshot, and now this video confirms that this is the legit after credits scene (after the Middle Credits one with Thanos)

Post Credit Avengers Shawarma
After Credits The Avengers eating Shawarma

Option 3: This happens in the previous scene where Tony invites everybody to eat Shawarma:

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. jen7waters says:

    Thanks for sharing it! I missed this post credits scene when I went to the movies. ;)

  2. DanielSemper says:

    @jen7waters: Glad to be helpful :D

  3. Pepper says:

    Thanks! we didn’t get this scene in Singapore… we stayed until all the lights came back on and we were chased out by the janitor sweeping up stray popcorn…

  4. DanielSemper says:


    You are welcome. :)

    It is very likely that this post-credit scene was not shown in Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, France, Italy, Holland, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Taiwan, Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore, Peru, United Kingdom, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Finland, Guatemala, India, México , Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Spain, Sweden, Vietnam … and every country that premiered the movie before May 4th.

  5. aussiebear says:


    In Australia, we have them in the form of “doner kebab” or just “kebab” (pronounced “ker-bab”); The meat, sauce, vegetables, etc is wrapped in a large round pocket bread called “pita” or “Lebanese bread”. I usually go for the beef ones…Damn good!

    Anyway, they cut that post-credits scene out when I watched it. :(

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