Lost, a new epilogue: How It Should Have Ended

Date: January / 05 / 2012 + Comments: 0

[Spoilers] If you haven’t still seen Lost ending, avoid the video and this post :)

Following the demise of Jacob, the island’s protector, we already know that Hurley becomes the successor to Jacob as caretaker of the island. This alternative ending looks like the 12-minute epilogue titled “The New Man in Charge”, and shows how is the island going to change with Hurley modern and geek way to be.

You’re in Hurley’s world now! This alternate short was made after the series finale. If Hurley gets the island, what did he and Ben do after everyone left to keep things interesting? Probably a song/photo montage… :party:

The new candidates for its position are: Batman, a Ghostbuster, Neo from Matrix, Gandalf, and Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction.

Lets remember that we already posted the original HISHE alternate ending… Lost: How It Should Have Ended

Song written and performed by Bryan English

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