Super 8 Monster’s name is Aqua and has 8 limbs

Date: June / 14 / 2011 + Comments: 2

After seeing the photos and videos of the Super 8 Monster, I have news about the Monster:

:!: [Spoilers Alert]
The Monster’s name is Aqua. It feeds on meat, any kind of meat, specially human meat. It can communicate with people. The Alien looks like a smaller version of the Cloverfield Creature (named Clover), but with a huge head. Aqua has almost the E.T. Alien’s head and the Cloverfield Monster’s body. The designers team of this Monster said that they had added multiple limbs, 8 limbs in total, so the title Super 8 has double meaning, and Aqua also resembles a spider. So it is a Monster with several tentacles coming out of it’s A*s.

Below is an exclusive Image (from the previous post) of the Super 8 Monster’s Face:

Photo of Super 8 Monster

We are still waiting for a full body picture and a clear CGI or 3D model for this Monster.

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. Rolo says:

    hey my friends on super 8 news just all told me that the monsters name is “Cooper” after the astronaut. And J.J even said the monster was “Cooper” as well.
    I really like the name Aqua but now i’m really confused. Help?

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