Visual Experiments with Adobe After Effects by Cyriak

Date: June / 12 / 2011 + Comments: 0

Everyone of these visual and crazy experiments were made by Cyriak, he used the software of Adobe After Effects.

Baaa: Experiments in ovine geometry

Sheep are members of the order Artiodactyla.

Cows, Cows and Cows

Surreal bovine choreography. Wait to see the spiders made with cows.

Adult Swim Bumps

A short collection of weird clips and animations for adult swim.

Cartoon Network, Inc., Adult Swim, the logos and all related elements are trademarks of Cartoon Network copyright 2011. A Time Warner company. All rights reserved.


A journey into horribleness, not recommended for the faint-hearted or fragile-minded.


Why the Teddy Bear crossed the street?

This is by far my favorite animation by Cyriak.

Meow: Zombie cats

Where is Hello Kitty?

You can buy t-shirts from theses characters: I can has brainz

Moo and ovnis

Cows versus Alien Invaders

Software: After Effects

Self portrait

This is Cyriak’s head grinning and spinning like a maniac ;)

Don’t pick your nose

Again, Cyriak playing with himself.

meow mix

Cyriak’s black cat saying just meow.


London gets destroyed by a spider and a robot.


The sequel to BeastEnders, with zombies.


Two old robot ladies and a duck. This is Transformer 4: The Revenge of Old Lady XD

Animation Mix

A classic one, Cyriak’s most famous animation. The song is also composed by him.

I hate fun-fairs

Simple, clever and funny.

The amazing throwing something into something else trick

Cyriacs shows a trick of how to throw a pen into a cup without looking.


Footage inside Michael Jackson’s mansion.

Jeremy Clarkson in a microwave

But, will it blend?

Commercial showreel

Compilation of several ads for UK television. Made by Cyriak.

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