Photo and Video of Super 8 Monster

Date: June / 11 / 2011 + Comments: 6

So first let me tell you that indeed there is a monster in Super 8.

:!: [Spoilers alert] :cerealguy:

The monster is an extraterrestrial being, although it is very big, it is not as huge as Cloverfield’s monster.

Video of Super 8 – Full Editing Room Film – Monster Revealed

The U.S. Government imprisoned an extraterrestrial that crashed its ship (OVNI) on Earth in 1958. The alien was tortured and treated poorly even though it apparently only wished to return home. One film shows that Woodward was a researcher at the time and was attacked by the alien, which causes him to emotionally bond with it. Thus, his crashing into the train was an attempt to free the creature.

Video of Super 8 Monster

While on the bus ride back to the Air Force base, they are attacked by the creature and the bus flips on its side. Nelec’s men are killed while Joe and his friends escape by breaking through the glass windows of the vehicle. The creature kills Nelec after a brief stand-off by smashing his head.

Another video of Super 8 Monster

A larger video showing how the main character talks to the monster.

Photo of Super 8 Monster

These are some screenshots of Super 8 Monster, taken from the previous video:

Photo of Super 8 Monster
Photo of Super 8 Monster
Photo of Super 8 Monster
Photo of Super 8 Monster
Photo of Super 8 Monster

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  1. Johny says:

    Looks like a chihuahua

  2. Alexia says:

    I watch super 8 2day it was awesome. My 4YearOld cousin got so scared and when the movie
    Comes out ill be the first 2 get it like I got the justin bieber movie @t 3:35am.

    SUPER 8


  3. WOW really says:

    the movie wasn’t so good

  4. drew says:

    Super 8 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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