Megan Fox’s personal touch is to show her tongue

Date: April / 12 / 2011 + Comments: 0

Megan Fox shows her tongue

Everybody has a tick or a special pose for photos. Megan Fox has developed the habit of sticking her tongue out while she is out in public. She is probably tongue fidgeting subconsciously, so I don’t think she is even aware of this aspect of her mannerism.

Megan Fox shows her tongue when posing for photos and subconsciously while walking in public. This is probably a tick.

In the photo above, there is also a geek touch, since she is holding a black iPhone. (y)

Do you think that she looks sexy showing her tongue like that?

The next photo is from a photo shoot for the GQ Magazine

Megan Fox tongue GQ

In this photo she is unaware and making weird gestures:
Megan Fox ugly tongue

Not even a party dress keeps her away from sticking out her tongue while smiling for a photo:

Megan Fox tongue model

And again:
Megan Fox tongue smile

And finally another picture of Megan Fox sticking her tongue out without noticing it.
Megan Fox sexy tongue

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