James Locke Jeweler in Super 8

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The store James Locke Jeweler is part of the Super 8 trailer (J.J. Abrams):

Super 8 James Locke jeweler

The sign says: Locke Jeweler

Is James a relative of John Locke?, the character from the tv series Lost.

John Locke Lost

Heres is another scene with the James Locke Jeweler sign:

Super 8 James Locke Jeweler sign

There is also a video camera store that says: OLSEN CAMERA HIGH FIDELITY
Maybe that is a Super 8 camera.

In the front side of the road there is a Rent-a-car business: LAYMAN’S R/C CARS, in the trailer some of its cars suddenly start working by themselves or by strange mental force.
Above Layman’s sign there is a big orange sign that says: WRO… is it ¿WRONG? ¿Does J.J. Abrams want to tell us that we are with the wrong theories?

James Locke in Lost

James Locke en Lost
James Locke is the name of an actor that worked in Lost, he played Jeff (the mechanic of the “Kahana”) (Lostpedia)

James Locke Jewelers has a web page

There is a webpage for James Locke Jewelers: www.jameslockejewelers.com

It says that they exist since 1955. Is it real or is it a clue for the merchandising and hype that J.J. Abrams always creates. (remember the giant lion in Cloverfield XD )
Its whois data says:

James Locke Jewelers
215 East Fifth St.
East Liverpool, OH 43920


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Gadd, Cynthia M

Record expires on 11-Oct-2011.
Record created on 11-Oct-2000.

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  1. S. Locke says:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that James Locke Jewelers is a real store and has been in business since 1955. My great uncle is James. He is my grand-fathers brother. James (Jim) was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio. He has 2 sons, James and Keith. He passed away in 2007, leaving behind his wife Margaret who lives just a few block down from the store. I will however note that the James Locke from Lost has nothing to do and is of no relation to my family. Hope this helps!!

  2. DanielSemper says:

    S. Locke:

    Thank you very much for your explanation (y)

    This clears every speculation and congrats for having a family business as a part of this movie.

  3. Inda Blatch-Geib says:

    Just saw Super 8 and was delighted to see a bit of the downtown I grew up in highlighted…I had to immediately find out if I had been mistaken in assuming that the store was an individual legacy or rather part of a chain. I’m thrilled to find my childhood memories in tact. Great production design! Clearly a designer who took the best of many small communities in Ohio to craft a fictional town where mayhem could ensue.
    Hope it brings some business and a smile….
    Best, Inda

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